Moon Park is a restaurant in Redfern, on the corner of Elizabeth St and Redfern St.

It serves wine & modern Korean food in a first floor space overlooking Redfern Park.

The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday & for lunch Sunday.

Reservations are taken for the dining room and the balcony, walk-ins are also welcome.

a 65pp banquet menu is also available.


Moonlight flat claire de lune. 4.5ea

오이 김치

Cucumber kimchi.      6


Cured ocean trout, chogochujang, pickled carrot and kimchi. 12

불고기 쌈

Bulgogi ssam, anchovy & sweet cabbage.     7ea

장어 쌈밥

Ssambab: yangnum smoked eel, puffed wild rice in a big nasturtium. 6ea

씨앗 비스킷 & 성게

Seed biscuit & sea urchinl.   6ea

떡볶이 & 땅콩

Dokbeokki & peanuts.     6

홍합 & 호박전

Zucchini pancake & chopped mussel.    12

감자전 & 고등어

Potato pancake & mackerel floss.   12


간장 치킨

Fried chicken, pickled radish, soy & syrup.    20

오징어 짬뽕

Jjambbong; Southern calamari, noodles, chilli oil & pickled onion.     22


Bibimbab; Green and white rice, spanner crab, walnuts & kohl rabi.     26

오리 & 단호박

BBQ duck with onions braised in mesil, chestnuts and persimmon.   33

가지 & 계란찜

Geranjjim; egg custard, eggplant & lotus root jorim.     16


Dotorimuk; acorn jelly, mushrooms, tofu, brussels sprout & fresh truffles.     24


Samgyopsal, pork belly, pigs potato, diamond clams & crown daisy.     26


Charcoal stained spanish mackerel, toasted barley in a broth of dried fishes. 29

Green beans, ssamjang.     6


Patbingsu; pear, red bean, shaved milk ice, burnt honey & bea pollen.     14


“Moon Pie”; prune, maesil marshmallow, ginger jelly, graham cracker & chocolate.      14


sujeonggwa, ddok, strawberry and yuzu curd with a punch of spice and persimmon. 14

T 02 9690 0111

34 Redfern Street Redfern 2016

Moon park is always looking for staff to join our team

e-mail resumes to:


Sunday, midday – 3 pm


Tuesday – Saturday, 5.30 pm – late

Due to circumstances outside the restaurants control Moon Park will be closed on Wednesday the 20th August